Refund/Cancellation/Late Policy


Return/Refund Policy:

-You will have until midnight of the day you receive your rental to “Return” the item for a full refund minus the service charge. The renter must email with the order # and/or booking # and note “Return”

-If “Return” is selected, the item must be returned to the Lender, unworn, the following day. $5.00 non-refundable service charge will apply.

-If no email is sent noting “Return” by midnight of the date that the item is received, the item will be considered “rented” and all agreed upon costs will be final & non-refundable.

Rental Late Policy:

  • Clothing Apparel is due back the last day of the rental.
  • Late Charges begin the day immediately following the return date.  Late charge is $25.00 per day.  If the product is not returned 5 business days after the return date the full retail price will be charged.
  • In Person Drop Off/3rd Party Drop off-store location:  Must meet up with the Owner on or prior to the last rental date.
  • By Mail:  Package must be mailed, with proof of tracking number, on the last day of rental.  Please check your post office drop box or physical location hours.  If the last rental day is Sunday, item can be mailed on Monday.

Rental Cancellation Policy:


Orders cancelled within 14 days of event:

–$25.00 cancellation charge will be applied if the following occur:

*order is cancelled after accepting rental request. If an order was confirmed in error, email within 12 hours of your error to cancel order.

  • Item rented is not shipped
  • Item rented is not dropped off at selected third party location
  • No show if meeting in person


All rentals are final after they have been confirmed by the Lender.  If an order was submitted in error, email within 12 hours of your error to cancel order.

  • Orders cancelled 14 days or more from the “deliver by date” will receive a full refund for the rental amount.
  • Orders cancelled 14 days or less from the “deliver by date” will receive a full refund for the rental amount minus $10.00 cancellation fee.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled once the item has already shipped or dropped off at 3rd party location.

Rental Return Policy:

  • If the rental does not fit, a full refund will be issued minus shipping or 3rd party drop off charges & $2.50 service charge.
  • *Shipping and 3rd Party Drop-Off Charges are non-refundable after the item has been shipped/dropped off.

Shipping & 3rd Party Drop Off Policy:

*Shipping and 3rd Party Drop-Off Charges are non-refundable i.

  • Items with Retail Value over $500.00 require a signature if being mailed.  No in-person exchange is allowed.
  • No in-person exchange is permitted for items of $250.00 value or more.
  • 3rd Party drop off locations will require a photo ID to pick up a package.
  • Shipping to P.O. Box addresses is prohibited
  • Do not change any shipping information outside of the Peer Luxe platform.  If the renter requests an address change, please notify Peer Luxe at so we can validate the new information.

Shipping Fees:

$15.00 for Priority Mail Packages via USPS (this includes return postage).  This rate is only valid when shipping via the Peer Luxe website.  Labels provided by Peer Luxe.

$12.00 for 3rd Party Drop Off Locations (this includes drop off & return).  Labels provided by Peer Luxe.